XIA Prototype Release

We are pleased to announce the initial release of the eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) prototype. 
The prototype runs on Linux systems and includes all of the current XIA network components (XIA protocol stack, routing, xhcp, nameserver) as well as APIs in C and python along with sample applications, libraries, and example programs. To make it easy to evaluate, XIA is available in source form for building and running on your own Linux system, as a virtual machine image, and for use on the GENI testbeds.

See the README file on GitHub for information on the latest release.

Information on the building and using the XIA prototype is available on the XIA wiki: 

The current prototype source code is available on GitHub:  

A native XIA stack for Linux is also available on Github: http://www.github.com/AltraMayor/XIA-for-Linux. Documentation for it is available here: http://github.com/AltraMayor/XIA-for-Linux/wiki.