Today's high school students use the Internet on a daily basis, e.g., for social networking, e-mail and the web, but the Internet is a black box. Because of the increasing role of the Internet in everybody's life, it seems appropriate that students should learn something about how the Internet works, and this may in fact result in a broader
interest in computer science.

The XIA project has been working with two teachers in a local high school on developing course material on networking concepts and the Internet appropriate for high school seniors. The two teachers, David Nassar and Jonathan Ringer, worked in collaboration with CMU teaching Professor David Eckhardt.

The result of this collaboration is three teaching modules that can be used by high school teachers as the basis for lectures as appropriate in their curriculum, e.g., as part of a general computer science course or as special lectures often offered after the nationwide IP exams.  The modules include background information, teaching material, and hands-on exercise and can be found at the link below.

Link: High-school module